Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Illamasqua Gel Liner Review

For the last few years I've used a variety of different gel liners, usually all quite cheap until I realised the quality of the liner was very important. So a few months ago I decided to try out Illamasqua's gel liner, having used a few of their other products and being extremely happy with them. I wasn't disappointed. Click 'read more' for the full review!

Let me just start out by saying this stuff is now my holy grail gel liner. Even if you're a liquid liner kind of person I bet this product could convert you! I even have a back up jar waiting.

My new back up jar next to my used jar.
I'm almost at the end of this jar and it hasn't even started to dry out.

The product description from the Illamasqua website is as follows - "Soon to be the mainstay in the make-up bags of every beauty enthusiast, Precision Gel Liner recreates the fluidity of a liquid liner in the ease of a gel. Creating a smooth, rich black line from the first application, the long-lasting and water-resistant formula is guaranteed to stay in place all day."

That description is spot on, word for word. The formula is amazing. It's the perfect consistency and really smooth making it incredibly easy to apply.This stuff is amazingly pigmented and super black. It also looks amazing with black eyeshadow blended over the top to smoke it out.

The only problem I have with this liner is minor. You don't have much time to build up your liner or wing with it as it dries really quickly on the lid, although that could be a good thing too and probably just comes from the fact that it's water resistant. I suffer from almost constant hayfever and my eyes water a lot. This eyeliner does not budge yet it is so easy to take off at the end of the day. Here's some looks of mine that I think show the liner off!

So if you're looking for a new, water resistant, awesome and easy to use gel liner I highly suggest you get your hands on this one!

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