Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

The Urban Decay Vice 2 palette is a follow up to the 2012 Vice palette. This is actually my first Urban Decay product and it's safe to say I'm impressed! I mean, I was impressed by the beautiful packaging alone before I even opened the palette. Click 'read more' for the full review!

I have heard quite a few people mention that they don't actually like the packaging. Even going so far to say that they hate the way the brush inside rattles when the palette is moved around. I don't really have a problem with it. It's amazing to look at (purple is my favourite colour!) and it's pretty damn sturdy.

It comes with a brush and what really surprised me is that the brush is actually awesome!

It's double ended, one side is a synthetic blending brush and the other is some kind of small synthetic eyeshadow brush. The synthetic blending brush is not very fluffy but it gets the job done. I especially like it for blending out shadows on the bottom lash line. The synthetic eyeshadow brush is kind of flat and really good for packing colour onto your lid.

Now let's get to the important part! There are 20 amazing shades in this palette. Some are more wearable than others but for the most part they are all really usable.

  • Smokeout - A really dark, almost black, brown. It looks grey in the pan but under closer inspection, it is quite a warm colour. Metallic sheen with silver sparkle.
  • Lovesick - A black with tiny silver glitter. It's not as ink black as I like my black shadows to be but it is a very nice shade.
  • Shellshock - A very intense, metallic, bright silver. Colour pay off is incredible.
  • Coax - A medium, metallic pink. Cool undertone with a very soft texture.
  • X Rated - A beautiful satin finish baby pink. Not an amazing colour pay off but works amazingly over a white base.
  • Prank - This was a tricky one to figure out. It's a very deep navy with beautiful teal glitter throughout.
  • Madness - A medium to dark heavily frosted blue, almost metallic.
  • Strike - A metallic yellow gold with tiny specs of silver glitter. Not too much glitter which I was a fan of.
  • Stash - An olive green (almost khaki) shimmer shade with hints of silver glitter.
  • Poison - A dark grey with brown undertones. Teal shimmer gives off a bit of a green hue. Texture is a bit flaky. Be careful with this one.
  • Radar - A beautiful golden bronzed brown. Very warm. Lots of fall out with this one.
  • Damaged - Bright emerald green. No glitter in this one. Awesome colour pay off and lovely buttery texture.
  • Voodoo - A dark cool toned purple with tonnes of purple glitter throughout.
  • Betrayal - My favourite!!! A light, bright purple stain shade with hints of blue in changing light.
  • Derailed - A medium to dark taupe with warm undertones. Really nice texture.
  • Dope - A light, champagne colour with a satin finish.
  • Toxic - A coppery pink shade with a satin finish.
  • Habit - A matte (woohoo!) skin tone shade. Probably put in the palette for the purpose of blending.
  • Ambush - An amazingly creamy red toned brown with a golden sheen.
  • Rewind - A matte (double woohoo!) medium brown with grey tones.

With flash -

 Without flash -

Pros -
  • All of the shades are amazing. I mean, I literally love all of them and you are really spoilt for choice with this palette.
  • Even amount of Neutral vs Brightly Coloured shades.
  • Excellent texture for the most part. Most of these shadows are amazingly smooth and go on nicely.
  • The brush is great!
  • The shadows stay on for a decent amount of time.
Cons -
  • Fall out. This isn't a real 'con' for me as I apply my foundation after my eye makeup so any fall out I get tends to be wiped off my face, preventing it from ruining my base makeup. If you are someone who applies your base first I would suggest getting some shadow shields. Who would want to miss out on some amazing eyeshadows just because of a little bit of fall out?!
  • Not enough matte shades. This seems to be a pretty standard problem with any kind of eyeshadow palette. I feel like this palette could have done with a few more. I want to use so many of these colours together but you just can't use so many shimmery shades in one eye look :(

 Overall I think this palette is fantastic. Thanks to the packaging, the included brush, the amazing shade selection and variation it has quickly become a favourite of mine and I would 100% recommend it!

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