Thursday, 26 June 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Review

Indie brands are awesome. Especially when they create irresistible shades! Click 'read' more to see swatches and my thoughts on a few of the Glamour Doll Eyes loose shadows!

Here's the shades. I had a couple of recommendations from the ever so awesome Heather AKA MakeupMouse and these are the ones I ended up choosing!

A very matte, almost royal blue.

A bright, matte fuchsia. Goes on darker than it looks.

Celestial Crow
An intense, very deep blue with green shimmer.

Royal Assassin
Really hard to describe. A dark matte red kind of purple with gold and green sparkle.

A maroonish black with red a shimmer/sheen.

Martini Olive
True to it's name. A dark olive green.

Daylight, no flash.

L-R. Royal Assassin, Martini Olive, Stiletto, Celestial Crow, Undead, Mingles.
With flash.
L-R. Royal Assassin, Martini Olive, Stiletto, Celestial Crow, Undead, Mingles.

Royal Assassin, Martini Olive, Stiletto.

Celestial Crow, Undead, Mingles.

*Some of these aren't lip safe and some are. Make sure you check the bottom of the jar to make sure where you can and can't use the various shades. 

It took me the longest time to choose which shades I wanted. The website is packed full of amazing colours and I will definitely be needing to get my hands on more in the future.

The eyeshadows come in study little twist top pots with a cute label on top. Obviously, like all loose pigments you will need to be careful when handling these but having to use a bit of caution is very well worth getting the colour pay off, shimmer and awesomeness that comes with these loose pigments.

The formulation of these shadows is pretty good. The completely matte shades can be a little hard to work with but that can happen a lot with super bright matte shadows and it's really not a big deal once you learn how to use them. I love the glitter and shimmer in the other shades. It's not chunky at all. Instead it's super fine and easy to blend. You can use these shadows over a white base or wet to enhance their features.

You're going to get fall out with these. I don't think it's a big deal at all. There's plenty of ways to stop fall out from ruining your base.

Overall, these are pretty awesome and like I said, I'll be needing more in the future!

Do you have any favourite shades from Glamour Doll Eyes? Let me know in the comments.

Check out Glamour Doll Eyes!

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  1. I love GDE! You HAVE to try Blueberry Lush next time you order. I got it one time as a last minute decision because I needed to pick one more color, and OMG��..there are just no words. It's the most gorgeous metallic would never guess just from looking at it in the jar. I use it so sparingly bc I love it so much. You gotta try, you won't be disappointed!