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Review: Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetics

A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to be sent some 'Color Your Smile' Glosses, 'Brow Bar To Go' palettes and the 'BB+ Illumination Facial Creme'*. Click 'read more' to see swatches and read my thoughts on the products. 

Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss

Current RRP- $24.00

The glosses come in plastic yet very sturdy packaging. Inside the lid of the wand you'll find some cool little LED lights that shine right onto your lips when you apply the gloss. There's also a mirror on the side of the packaging. Both extremely handy features if you go out at night a lot!

The formulation of the glosses is quite standard. They do however have undertones that claim to make your teeth appear whiter which is an attractive feature.

The glosses are sticky like most glosses are. I'm not a huge fan of sticky gloss but I'll definitely wear it if I love the colour and they're pigmented. These seem to be pretty moisturizing after the initial stickiness fades a little.

  • Fiji - Cool toned hot baby pink. 
  • Pink Tiara - A more toned down coral pink yet still bright.
  • Salmon - True to it's name. A very warm salmon colour. Slightly less pigmented and delivers more of a wash of colour.
  • Coral Craze - A pigmented pastel Coral shade.
  • Bermuda - An awesome pastel lavender purple.
  • Summer Sun  - A really bright orange red. This shade is a little strange and doesn't look too good on it's own but will add a decadent glossy finish to your favourite red lippy!
  • Pouty Princess - A berry toned pink with shimmer throughout.
  • Bahama - A bright baby blue. Doesn't look very good on it's own but I was surprised and happy to see a shade like this in the collection.
  • Seduction - A very deep berry shade. Super vampy. I think this one is my favourite.
  • Jewel - A warmer toned berry shade with shimmer throughout.
Jewel, Seduction, Summer Sun, Salmon.

Fiji, Pouty Princess, Bermuda, Bahama, Coral Craze, Pink Tiara.

These glosses are very high quality. I probably wouldn't pay $24 for a lipgloss but that's just me. I'm not too much of a lipgloss fan but I have found myself reaching for these a lot. If they're applied sparingly you'll avoid stickiness and I've even achieved some pretty awesome stained lip looks with some of the shades.

BB+ Illumination Facial Creme

Current RRP - $36.00

I was really excited for this product but unfortunately it's a little too dark and too warm for my skin tone. I'll definitely be using it on other people though as it is a beautiful luminous golden shade and would look amazing on beauties with warmer skin.

The creme is a smooth, pigmented but thin consistency product that can be mixed with or used under foundation or as a cream highlighter. When used all over the face prior to foundation you will create a dewy look to the skin. Using this over foundation on the high points of the face will create flawless highlights. I've found that this product is extremely buildable due to it's light texture and looks amazing layered. 

Now for the bad news. The packaging is horrible. I'm not sure if I received a one off faulty piece or not but it takes 20 pumps to get anything to come out of the pump and when it finally spurts out everywhere leaving me with way too much product and a mess.

This product is quite nice. It would be awesome to see more shades become available and the packaging to be altered.

Brow Bar To Go
Brunette to Ebony
Blonde to Brunette

Current RRP - $28

The packing is basic black, matte plastic. Inside you'll find two shades of brow powder, one light, one dark, one brow wax and one mini angled brow brush.

First off, the consistency of these powders is beautiful. They're really soft, workable and don't go on patchy. They even make nice eyeshadows. I was however, disappointed with the red undertones in the shades. I can deal with this because I have a lot of red in my current hair colour but it might be annoying to those with very ashy or cool toned hair. Again, I guess it just comes down to more colours becoming available.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought of them below!


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*I received these products to review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I also received the Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen Twin Pack but didn't feel comfortable using it for health reasons therefore I cannot review it. 

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