Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Vpfashion Hair Extensions + Hair Overhaul!

The beautiful people over at Vpfashion contacted me about trying their hair extensions. I took this as an opportunity to really test them and go purple and turquoise. Click 'read more' to take a look at my hair overhaul and to hear my thoughts on these extensions.

The extensions I chose were the 22 Inch 220g White Blonde for DIY Dying. I've been planning to dye my hair purple for a really long time. I haven't had brightly coloured hair (other than red) since I was about 15 and it always made me really happy so I needed it back!

A set of extensions includes;
One 8" wide wefts (4 clips)
One 7" wide wefts (4 clips)
Two 6" wide wefts (3 clips)
Four 2" wide wefts (1 clip)
2 spare clips

The extensions arrived to me in perfect condition. They were bundled and in a plastic sleeve. (Not shown in picture). As I had never owned extensions before I wasn't quite sure what to expect of them but I was certainly impressed. They are incredibly soft and the colouring was even and ready to dye. I put them in my hair straight away to see how they looked. They were cut nicely and had tapered ends which I prefer to more straight cut ends. 

Dying the Extensions

I ordered the extensions wavy so I gave them a quick straighten before dying them just to make it a little easier to get good coverage with the dye. As you can see, they are beautiful and despite already being processed, so shiny!

To dye the extensions I used Manic Panic and Directions dyes, some mixed with conditioner to make the colours a little lighter. Be sure to do this somewhere mess friendly! Even if you don't think you will get the dye probably will. I covered a table with a garbage bag and stuck it down so it wouldn't slip around while I was working.

Once I had my colours mixed, I laid the extensions down flat and began to brush the dye onto them. The extensions are thick and needed going over a few times to make sure I didn't miss any areas. Once you've done one side, you'll need to turn the extensions over and cover the other side.

I tried to taper the colour down so that it didn't create a harsh line against the turquoise. 
When I was done with one weft I laid foil over it and started the next weft on top, creating space to work on.

I let the dye develop for about 2 hours and then rinsed the extensions carefully in lukewarm water. I would have used cold water but it's winter where I live and I couldn't bear the cold water on my hands! At this point I was super happy with how well the extensions took the purple dye and I was ready to add turquoise to the ends.

Again, using some of the dye mixed with conditioner and some not, I started my second dying process. I used Directions Turquoise dye on it's own next to the purple and then diluted with conditioner on the ends of the extensions.

I let my second lot of dye develop for another hour or so and then rinsed it out. Here's what they looked like still a little damp the morning after -

 I was so excited and just wanted to put them in my hair. I dried, curled them and put them in. It took me a little while to figure out where to put them to suit my hairstyle but I got it in the end and was so happy with the results!
Before and After
My hair had been faded using anti-dandruff shampoo for a few weeks. I then bleached it twice using the coconut oil method. It still damaged my healthy hair but the coconut oil definitely helped.

The extensions are excellent quality and hold curls/heat styling really well. The clips are comfortable to wear in the hair and stay put just like they should. I experienced a small amount of hair from the extensions falling away and out of the clips but I'm sure that's pretty normal. Once the loose strands of hair fell off the clips there was no more shedding.

 Here's a picture of them all shiny and wavy a few days after being curled and brushed through.

Before I had these extensions I didn't really think they were worth the time and money but my mind has been completely changed. I absolutely adore how they look. I'll have more updates on the extensions as I continue to wear them.

There are so many options on the Vpfashion website. They specialize in beautiful ombre extensions and they will even customize the hair for you or add bright colours. All you have to do is ask! The customer service people are so kind and willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

You can check them out at their online store - 
Instagram - @vpfashion
The extensions I received - White Blonde Indian Remy 613a   

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