Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Quick Review: BornPrettyStore Lip Gloss and Lashes!

Hey there! Today I wanted to show you guys a couple of things I received a little while ago from Born Pretty Store! Click 'read more' to see some swatches and read my thoughts. I also have a discount code for you to use on the already extremely affordable store.

Alright so first up is the lashes. You can check them out properly here -

Picture is taken from the Born Pretty Store website.

Here's what the top lashes look like in a completed look.

Unfortunately I couldn't use the bottom lashes as they were very stiff and I had an extremely hard and messy time trying to apply them.

In one pack you receive 5 pairs of lashes all up. 3 pairs of top lashes and 2 pairs of bottom lashes. All lashes are a beautiful, natural brown shade. They're light and fluffy. The band on the top lashes is flexible and pretty easy to apply and wear although I will say I wish the lashes were longer as they didn't quite fit my eyes.

The bottom lashes unfortunately aren't the same and have a very thick band and are hard to wear. I'm quite sure this is just because wearing lashes on the bottom lash line is far more difficult than wearing them on the top lash line therefore it can be a little trickier to find bottom lashes that are perfect. I just couldn't seem to get them to stay where I wanted them. They were very hard to wear and apply.

I would purchase the top lashes on their own again but probably not the bottom lashes. There are so many pairs of different lashes on this store though so it's not a problem!

 Swatch on the bottom is one swipe straight out of the tube and swatch above it is leftover product.
Next up is this beautiful gloss!

You can find it here -

I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's crazy good for the price. It's only $7. That's an insane price once you know how awesome this gloss is.

It's more like a liquid lipstick. The pigmentation and opacity is that of a gloss that would be priced A LOT higher and it is in no way stick like you would expect a gloss to be. It's very creamy and soft.

The packaging is sturdy and stylish. I like being able to see the colour I'm about to apply so clear tubes are my favourite. The applicator is quite wide so if you have small lips you might want to use a separate brush to apply.

Here it is on my lips.

I used zero product under this gloss. No lip liner, no foundation to cover the natural colour of my lips...nothing! 

There is only one downfall. It stains like crazy. This is only a problem if you get it somewhere else on your face/skin and aren't able to wash it off with makeup remover. It comes right off with a quick scrub.

I need all of the shades of this gloss. It's a new fave!
You can get 10% off your order over at Born Pretty Store if you use the code DIXH10

Happy shopping! :)

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  1. Those lashes are very pretty! And I love the liquid lipstick/lipgloss too! ;)