Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Quick Review - Flat Tummy Tea

I recently finished the Four Week detox by the company Flat Tummy Tea and I'm ready to give you guys my thoughts and share my experience.
I previously stated on my Instagram when I was halfway through the detox that I would not be continuing to use the Afresh tea as it has a mild laxative effect and my stomach is just way too sensitive for that.

I drank the everyday tea with a small amount of honey added with my breakfast everyday. This tea is loose leaf so you'll need a tea infuser/strainer. I was surprised by the taste of the tea. I was expecting it to be quite bitter and a bit of a drag to try and drink a full cup of but this wasn't the case. I really liked it!

You're probably thinking that if you're not pooping crazy amounts on a detox it can't help right? Wroooong. I actually saw excellent results. At around one week into the detox I noticed that when I woke up in the morning my stomach looked and felt less bloated. Bloatage has always been a huge issue for me because of my struggle with endometriosis. As soon as I eat I look like I'm pregnant (which would be totally fine if I were pregnant but I'm not!) and this detox definitely improved that for me. 
I managed to lose about 2 kilos whilst on this detox, eating well and cycling daily. No tea will make you drop 20 kilos alone, ever. Let's get real babes. You'll need to work your butt off to lose a significant amount of weight. I definitely think this is a good additive to good diet and exercise though!
I actually miss drinking the tea now that the detox is over and my bloating is back :(
Would I do it again? Sure thang!

You can get yours here -

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