Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sigma FX Brushes + Demo

Warning: Simulated blood and wounds ahead! The newest line in the Sigma range are these amazing brushes specifically made for (but not limited to) use within SFX makeup. Each of these brushes has its own special job. Click 'read more' to see them in use in a demo!

Lets start off with a rundown of the brushes and what they do!


FX4- For applying setting/translucent powder, also great for contouring.FX8- Dispersed bristles make this brush perfect for creating scratches on concentrated areas.
FX9- Same as the FX8 except to be used in larger areas.
FX2 and FX3- To be used with liquid latex and removers.

FX5- Precise bristles excellent for applying setting powder in small areas. Also works well with alcohol based paints. Skin Illustrator etc.
FX11- Silicone tip used for laying down hair or small appliances.
FX9- Used for large spots, veins etc.
FX7- Dense bristles great for creating bruises and skin discolouration.
FX6- Slightly larger and softer version of FX7.
FX10- Super precise brush similar to the FX9, used to create small details and veins etc.

 Now for the demo!

In the info booklet Sigma provided there was also a small prosthetic wound. This is what I'll be using to demonstrate how the brushes work.

Step 1: Clean area of application with alcohol on a cotton round. Remove clear plastic backing from prosthetic and lay on skin. Spray with water and make sure the paper is wet just like you would with one of those fake tattoos! Peel the backing off when it starts to come away by itself.

Don't pay any attention to my gross nails and pyjama pants.

Step 2: Spray with a small amount of alcohol and use brushes FX2 and FX9 to make the edges disappear. This took a little while and I found I needed to dip my brushes into the alcohol as spraying the appliance wasn't enough.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of translucent powder over the entirety of the appliance using the FX4 brush.

Step 4: Using Sigma's Neutralize Eye Base and the FX9 brush, apply colour to the high raised areas of the appliance.

Step 5: Using plums and purples like Sigma's Allure eyeshadow, create a bruised effect with the FX6 and FX7 brushes around the wound. Add additional bruise colours like Catch and Shout eyeshadows. I found that the flash of my camera was washing this out a lot and ended up going in with some bruise wheel shades diluted with alcohol. You'll see in the later steps.

Step 6: Add the fake blood to the deep parts of the wound using the FX9 and FX10 brushes. Scab blood works well as it looks best if you build up the chunkiness of the bloody area (yum!).

And this is where I added a lot more bruising and colouring.

And the finished product!
Spray with a small amount of water for an extra slimey and oozey effect.

These brushes are an absolute dream to work with and so versatile. A must have for any kind of makeup artist.

These are limited addition so get your hands on them here now!

These brushes were sent to me by Sigma for review and demonstration. All opinions are completely my own. 

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