Wednesday, 6 May 2015

VP Fashion Extensions Re-Dye!

I had to re-dye my VP Fashion extensions and I thought I would show you guys how I do it! It's really simple and pretty quick too. Click 'read more' to see how!

I've completed this process before when I first got VP Fashion extensions and blogged about that too. If you're interested in seeing me dye them purple instead of pink click here. I will probably go into less detail in this post as I have already written about it once before. But here we go!

If you need to get dye out of your extensions before this process I recommend soaking your extensions in hot water with a little bit of dishwashing liquid. It comes right out and the extensions never feel dry after some conditioner. 

With this set of extensions I will be using Flamingo Pink from Directions. You can get it here really cheap! I also used a cheap conditioner to dilute and to pastelize the pink dye.

Here I have Directions Flamingo pink diluted with conditioner and one of my ready to be dyed extension wefts. 
It's pretty self explanatory from here on in. You just really need to make sure you cover both sides of the extensions by flipping them over after you cover one side. The hair around the clips of the extensions can be hard to get into and you'll probably need to use your fingers.

I decided I would make the top quarter of my extensions a darker pink and the rest a lighter pink. A very slight difference but I liked how it turned out. If you're going for a lighter or pastel pink you'll really need to trust the dye. It won't turn as quick as a less diluted colour will. You'll notice in the above photo that some of the hair still looks blonde. As long as you give the dye long enough to develop and the hair is light enough it will work out fine.

Pick the hair up and rub it in between your fingers. You really need to make sure everything is saturated. There is nothing worse than rinsing dye from extensions and finding spots that you've missed! Generally if you're dyeing all the extensions the same colour you can afford to lay them on top of one another.

Once I was done I covered the extensions and set them aside to develop overnight. When you're ready to rinse make sure to take your time. There's a lot of conditioner in that hair!

Let them air dry overnight, style, put them in and you're done! I really like how these turned out and I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to colour them again even after this.

The extensions that were kindly sent to me for this demo can be found here!


  1. Changing the color of your extension was worth a good shot. For one, it is cheaper option to recolor your wig than buy a new wig if you want a new one. Thanks for sharing to us about its procedures! Kudos and all the best!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

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