Monday, 13 July 2015

Hair! Ft. Goldwell + Overtone + NuMe.

Today I thought I would go ahead and show you guys the products I use to keep my hair pink, voluminous and curly. Click 'read more' to continue!

Having coloured hair of any kind is a constant battle to find the perfect shade that stays bright and doesn't fade too quickly.

The dye that I use is Directions by La Riche in the shade Flamingo Pink. I purchase mine here at Kate's Clothing. It's really affordable and there is a huge selection of colours available. These pots of semi-permanent vegetable dye last me forever simply because I dilute my colour with conditioner for the perfect shade.

To keep my hair vibrant in between dyes I use Overtone Haircare, an absolutely huge line of colour depositing conditioners. Any colour under the sun you could possibly want to dye your hair...these guys make it.

I use the Daily Conditioner and Go Deep Weekly treatment both in the shade Extreme Pink.
I have actually used the weekly treatment to dye my roots before when I ran out of dye and it worked wonderfully!

You can find your shade of Overtone here.

Because my hair is bleached to achieve the colour I have it can get a little dry. To keep my hair soft and conditioned I use the Goldwell Dualsenses Color Extra Rich 60sec treatment every other wash. This strengthens my hair and prevents my colour from fading. It also smells amazing!

Also pictured are the Goldwell Style Sign Curl Gel Wax and Bodyfying Spray Gel.

The Curl Gel Wax is amazing at accentuating your curl and keeping it humidity proof meaning no unwanted frizz during your day. I definitely see a difference in my curls now, they're a lot more defined and shiny. When I really want my hair to be super glamorous this is my go to product.

The Spray Gel gives my hair instant body and volume. I hate having flat hair! The bigger the better when it comes to my hair and curls. My hair is naturally thick but it tends to sit quite flat on the top of my head and I prefer it with a lot more oomph!

 I like to use the Curl Gel on the lengths of my hair and the Spray Gel on the roots while damp for extra texture and volume before I blow dry my hair.

Check out Goldwell Australia here @goldwellaus.

They have amazing hair inspo on their page!


My absolute favourite thing to curl my hair with at the moment is my NuMe 25mm Classic Wand which you can find here. The diameter of the barrel of this wand is the perfect size for creating super bouncy voluminous curls. I like to throw all of my hair up into a high pony and curl individual sections for a super quick and easy wave!

Well that's it! I hope some of you got something cool out of this post. Do you have any favourite similar products? Comment below!

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